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Creating Confident Communicators

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As a pediatric speech therapist and accent trainer, I am dedicated to the following:
  • Provide high quality speech therapy services to children within a nurturing and safe environment
  • Provide a customized speech program to adults needing to modify their accent and pronunciation
  • Provide individualized dialect coaching to actors and theater professionals

Who can benefit from speech therapy or accent training?
  • Children between the ages of 18 months thru adolescence with a communication delay or disorder
  • Non-native English speakers, or those with a prominent foreign or regional accent
  • Sales persons who want to improve their presentation style 
  • Employers or HR coordinators who employ foreign-born staff
  • Actors and performers

My professional background covers over 20 years
of experience in the field of speech language pathology. Whether you are a parent of a child with a communication disorder, a business professional seeking overall speech improvement, or an actor needing to work on a specific dialect project, you've come to right place.

Speech therapy services may take place in your home/community (within a limited geographical area), my office, private schools, or via telepractice.

Accent training/dialect coaching services may take place in my office, your place of business or via the internet. Flexible scheduling options are available. 

Investing in your ability to communicate effectively is paramount to connecting with others and creating a successful future. You will feel the far reaching effects of these services in years to come.
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